The Horror Without…
is a Victorian horror adventure that blends sci-fi steampunk and high fantasy together in the ruleset of Dungeon World, a modern RPG.

The World of the Horror Without is co-built by its inhabitants, the players. My goals as your Dungeon Master are to:

  • Make the world fantastic
  • Fill the characters’ lives with adventure
  • Play to find out what happens

Outside this realm I look to you, the players, to decide what exists in your world outside my direct influence on the adventure. If there is something important to your character, your backstory, or the world that you feel should be in the game, then I too feel that it should be in the game. Let me know!

That being said…

On the Fringes of the civilized world, In the region of the Greydell, the city of Wellspring doesn’t get a lof of attention from the cultured world. While technology is available, it does not permeate the lives of the citizens here, like it does at the far end of the Wintersbite Mountains. Instead, the frontier is a land frought with threats of monsterous foes and savage bandits far from the reach of the Empire and its military garrisons. Here, the people must rely on themselves, as a militia, or seek out the strength of mercenaries and brave heroes.

The Horror Without; The Horror Within

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